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Tidewater Inn by Colleen Coble

Published by Thomas Nelson and provided free from BookSneeze and NetGalley for review, “Tidewater Inn” by Colleen Coble has a different feel than her other books and is an enjoyable read.

Hope Island is described as a scenic island that is peaceful and carefree. A place you would want to visit on vacation and stay at Tidewater Inn.   The people of Hope Island are dependent on ocean life and tourism to sustain living there.

The emotions of finding previously unknown family present obstacles which must be overcome and complicates decisions that must be made.  Libby is trying to live her life centered on her new found faith but is fallible as people are. Trying to do the right thing under the duress of her missing business partner and friend she turns to a stranger for help.

<SPOILER ALERT> If you are familiar with Colleen Coble’s Rock Harbor series you will be delighted at the appearance of Bree and Samson. It’s always nice when characters you are familiar with unexpectedly appear.

I recommend this book and look forward to the continuation of this series. It is not as long as some of her other books but definitely worth the time.  Grab a cup of tea (or coffee), make yourself comfortable and enjoy!


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Hope Springs ~ Kim Cash Kate

Published by Thomas Nelson and provided free from BookSneeze for review, “Hope Springs” by Kim Cash Tate is a book that this reviewer did not want to end. Reading about the Stanton and Dillon families was really more like visiting relatives and friends and then having to go home when you really want to stay.

Grandma Geri is the grandmother we would all want to have as a part of our lives even when her flaws are revealed. The cousins (Janelle, Stephanie and Libby) find that recognizing family, sacrifice, loss, love and forgiveness are necessary in order to be who God wants them to become. The lesson learned is, listening to God and following Him when others would not understand and is essential to walking with Him. Janelle searches for direction when she is still mad at God and Stephanie follows His direction when she really doesn’t want to but knows she must. Libby rebels against God and fails to see him working in her life. The Dillon family is an integral part of the neighborhood and the story being told.

Without reservation I recommend this book for your library. Come visit the Stanton and Dillon families and be prepared for God to speak to you.

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Need You Now ~ Beth Wiseman

Published by Thomas Nelson and provided free from BookSneeze and NetGalley for review, “Need You Now” by Beth Wiseman is a work of fiction that feels real. The story written from each character’s perspective shows their relationship with God and those around them. It is a story that could be about anyone’s family. The characters are enjoyable and fun to get to know. As with life, tissues are at times necessary while reading this touching family’s story.

Brad and Darlene move their family (Chad, Grace and Ansley) from Houston to a small town called Round Top. Hopefully this will provide their children better focus on what is important in life and help them stay strong in the face of the adversarial teenage years. Secrets, feelings of betrayal, lies and loss cause this family to re-evaluate their relationships with each other and with God. Learning forgiveness is the hard lesson of the day.

I must say my favorite character of this book is Skylar, a friend of Grace’s from school. She reminds us that it is easy to judge someone by their looks but we must look beyond the obvious to see who people really are. She is a wonderful friend that any of us would enjoy knowing.

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“Eyes of Justice” by Lis Wiehl

Published by Thomas Nelson and provided free from BookSneeze for review, “Eyes of Justice” by Lis Wiehl is the fourth book of “The Triple Threat Club” series. Cassidy, Allison and Nicole return in this series to fight crime as only these three women can. These women are strong and tenacious in their pursuit of a killer. This is a nail biter and just when you have it all figured out… you don’t! It is clear that these strong women are not only “best” friends but clearly love each other and would put their own lives in harm’s way or jeopardize their livelihood to “do the right thing” and solve the mystery set before them. This book clearly shows what women can accomplish while working in a traditionally “man’s” world.

I had not read the first three books of “The Triple Threat Club” series (“Face of Betrayal”, “Hand of Fate”, and “Heart of Ice”) prior to reading “Eyes of Justice”, but it does not take away from this storyline. Lis Wiehl does a great job of giving you the information you need about Cassidy, Allison and Nicole to stay engaged and not feel like you missed something by not having read the other books. I personally will be reading those books and look forward to more books in the series.

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