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The Wedding

The wedding I wasn’t sure I would ever see was perfect!


Add a comment December 28, 2009

The Dress

As I think back four years I remember wondering if the cancer would take me before I would see my children marry. My dad died of cancer a few months before I met my “love” and so they never met and my children didn’t get to meet their grandfather. I knew I wanted the opportunity to see my children marry and “spoil” my grandkids. Baring some other catastrophe it appears I will see my daughter get married.  I’ve been cancer free for four years and today we bought “The Dress”.

As my life has been unlike anything I thought it would be…so is “The Dress” my daughter has chosen to wear to marry her “love”. It is a beautiful bold winter white with red trim across the front. In the back from the waist out through the chapel train is the same red detail. Originally she was going to order it with a color other than red but once she put it on….. it’s perfect! I think the color appeals to the visual graphic designer in her and could not be more perfect if she had designed it herself. Amazingly, this one who takes forever to make a decision when shopping walked into the store for the 10:30 appointment and was back in the car by noon after having tried on only two dresses. The decision was made as soon as the second dress was tried; it was just so obvious to both of us that the first one was the right dress.

The importance of this dress is not that it is a wedding dress, as important as that may be, but that the dress represents a future. A future for her yes, but also a future for me that four years ago was somewhat in question. Come December as she walks down the aisle I’ll be thankful that I’m getting to be a part of her future.

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Three years and counting

As I look forward to the first week in August to celebrate my third anniversary as a survivor the joy is dulled a bit by finding out my friend had died after a battle with breast cancer. The feelings have been strange as I think of Donna and wonder why I was spared and she was not. I think this is probably a little bit of survivor guilt. Donna loved the Lord, her family and friends. We hadn’t seen each other in awhile and I didn’t know she was ill. I know she had plenty of family and friends with her when God said, “enough, come home!”

I will celebrate my third anniversary and I know Donna would want me to.

Add a comment July 30, 2008

3 1/2 To Go

One and one-half years cancer free. What else is there to say?

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Daffodil Days

I’m getting ready for my 6 month mammogram (really my every 6 months for two years mammogram).  I’m sure all will be fine but there are two places on the left side.  My doctor doesn’t think they are anything to worry about so I’m not.  My little scare this past week makes two little spots not a big deal.  I have an infection that presented with all the symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer.  I was definitely freaked out and managed to do the same to my family. (Good thing they love me!) Anyway all will be fine; just need some healing time.

Again this year I managed to barely make the deadline for ordering Daffodils from the cancer society.  I order bunches and give to co-workers for all their support. I still need to find vases but have a couple of weeks and I still need to do my cards. I love doing this!

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It’s Now Official

Relief doesn’t begin to say it. Pathology reports came back benign, no cancer. It’s official; one year cancer free!  Co-workers are planning a celebration.  I can’t believe how fortunate I am to be surrounded by people who want to celebrate this milestone with me.

Add a comment September 9, 2006

“Not Unheard of, but Uncommon”

“Not unheard of, but uncommon,” is the Doctor’s pronouncement. After surgeries, radiation and one year later, two spots show up in the same area. Disappointment is deep after another surgery is scheduled for Sept. 5th. I thought this was all behind me but I guess not. Chances are they are benign and I don’t want to think about it if they aren’t.

Support at work is incredible. It’s amazing considering that I’ve only known some of them for a couple of months. We will be doing the Lee Denim fund raiser for breast cancer this year (October 6).

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One Year

It should have been a celebration of one year cancer free. Instead I’m looking at another surgery. The mammogram showed another spot in the same location as before. At least Frank was in country this time. Only had to wait a couple of hours rather than a couple of weeks to tell him. We’ll see what the surgeon says Wednesday.

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Locks of Love

When I was about 8 years old my hair was long.  I decided that I wanted to have it cut in the latest style which was very short. My hair was put in a ponytail and braided, then cut so I could save it.  I’ve kept the braid in a drawer for 48 years.  I don’t even know why.

Today I was talking with a friend who is growing her hair for Locks of Love.  I decided to check out the web site and saw that they will accept hair cut years ago so I pulled mine out to see if it is long enough as they want ten inches minimum.  It is long enough so I’ll be sending them mine.  What better way this August to celebrate my first year of being cancer free?!!

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The Anniversary

One year… I can’t believe it’s been a year since I realized something was wrong with one of my breasts. Frank was in Thailand on a Missions Trip and I knew I had kept the problem from him so he wouldn’t worry while he was gone. I didn’t tell anyone. After a visit to the doctor I knew I was dealing with something serious. Bleeding from my left breast, but at least not cancer. Inductal Papilloma (not related to the virus) would require removal of the duct but no big deal. Until the mammogram… cancer in the other breast! How could this be? Hasn’t this family given enough to cancer; my dad, Frank’s dad, Frank’s sister Sue and my sister-in-law Pat? None of them interconnected, none the same type. The world seems to stop, yet everything goes on. Frank will come home and I have to tell him that I need surgery. Surgery is no big deal, we’ve been through my many surgeries. How do I tell him this one’s for cancer? That was the big question. Four surgeries, seven weeks of radiation (fortunately no chemo), and twelve months brings us to The Anniversary.


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