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Need You Now ~ Beth Wiseman

Published by Thomas Nelson and provided free from BookSneeze and NetGalley for review, “Need You Now” by Beth Wiseman is a work of fiction that feels real. The story written from each character’s perspective shows their relationship with God and those around them. It is a story that could be about anyone’s family. The characters are enjoyable and fun to get to know. As with life, tissues are at times necessary while reading this touching family’s story.

Brad and Darlene move their family (Chad, Grace and Ansley) from Houston to a small town called Round Top. Hopefully this will provide their children better focus on what is important in life and help them stay strong in the face of the adversarial teenage years. Secrets, feelings of betrayal, lies and loss cause this family to re-evaluate their relationships with each other and with God. Learning forgiveness is the hard lesson of the day.

I must say my favorite character of this book is Skylar, a friend of Grace’s from school. She reminds us that it is easy to judge someone by their looks but we must look beyond the obvious to see who people really are. She is a wonderful friend that any of us would enjoy knowing.


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Miraculous Movements by Jerry Trousdale

Published by Thomas Nelson and provided free from BookSneeze for review, “Miraculous Movements” by Jerry Trousdale is a must read for Christians who need an insider’s look at “how hundreds of thousands of Muslims are falling in love with Jesus” in Africa. It is individual stories of how God is working in miraculous ways, using ordinary people, to show His love to a world people group called Muslims. Set aside your distrust and preconceived ideas of the Muslim people and learn, what may be to you a different way of sharing God’s love with anyone. Rejoice with the story tellers at the power of the Almighty God to draw people unto himself.

Keep in mind that this is an important book and read it through to the end. That being said, this is a difficult book to read as it was not well written nor is it well organized. When first starting this book, this reviewer wondered who the audience was supposed to be instead of being engaged in the message. There are redundancies and chapter overviews that are unnecessary and cause the book to be a slow read, induce the wrong questions and are generally boring. This book has an exciting message but it is not presented in an exciting way. Some of the issues could easily have been resolved with some first rate editing and I am surprised at Thomas Nelson Publishers for their part.

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